Being four months in to owning my first horse has been a giant learning experience. For example, I learned that it’s cheaper in this country to keep a horse than it is to repay a student loan debt (I pay half in boarding than I did for one loan. One. Loan.).  I’ve learned how to manage money better (Stop eating out your horse needs expensive crap).

But one thing I didn’t expect was learning was just how much horses pee.

Like seriously they can pee lakes. I’m waiting for small island nations to pop up in the middle of his stall. In fact I think they filmed scenes from “Moana” there. I’ve tried a slew of potential solutions-changing the bedding type, leveling the stall out under the mat, making a super thick layer (Just pees straight through it and I used up a bag for no reason). Not going to lie, for a bit I thought a diaper may be a good solution. The good news is that with cooler months he drinks a little less and pees less. So I have a few months to find a better idea.

Eddy’s stall, pre-lake pee.

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