Alright, I know that I’m the worst kind of blogger. I didn’t start this blog until a few months into owning Eddy and I’m terrible at updates. Anyhoo, here’s how life has been with this quirky little dude.

Christmas has come and gone, my first with Eddy. He of course received the majority of my Christmas presents (Except a nice new coat that I promised my mother won’t smell like horse).

Here’s a quick body comparison from his first day at the rescue to a couple weeks ago. Not a huge amount of change but boy is he shiny.

Okay he’s definitely fatter.

I’ve also enjoyed the benefits of having a small mammal as a house pet. Our chinchilla, Dante, has the most appropriately sized dust containers to feed Eddy with. #Perks


Training has been tough to do. We only have an outdoor arena, and with the wonderful weather cycle that is Upstate New York I haven’t been able to get cooperative weather and a dry enough arena to work. So Eddy essentially has the winter off until the ground gets better. I don’t think he minds it.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for now. Here’s hoping 2017 will get me posting more regularly.


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