Today on a whim at work (When once again I should have been paying attention, but hey my job sucks) I started trying to see if I could find out more about the Edster and his arrival at the kill pen. I’ve tried to write his original owners and breeders but I haven’t heard anything back.

And for all my searching I couldn’t find anything more than I already have. He found his way to an auction (No idea which) was shipped up here with Kevin and I adopted him. I did find the shipper and the women who helped pull him, so I will probably send them messages to try and learn more if I can.

I did manage to find his arrival photo.

So here goes it-looking for information on an 18 year old standardbred gelding. About 15 hh, racing name Putt For Money. James and Gary Forsythe were his owners. He didn’t really race. Brand V7297, brown with no markings. Bred in Ohio, sire was Look Sharp. I just want to put the pieces of the puzzle together.


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