This is Eddy’s daddy:


Look Sharp was a pretty decent racehorse and sire in Ohio. He was a stallion at Hagemeyer Farms for years. He didn’t make millions, but he sired millionaires.

Ed was not one of those fortunate foals.

I do see where he gets his good looks from. Eddy is almost the spitting image of his father. Short thick neck, short back, doesn’t appear to be very tall. And no white markings.


The good news is that Look Sharp lived to the ripe old age of 31. So hopefully Eddy will have inherited his sire’s longevity. To quote the article from the Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association on his 95 year old owner:

Maynard Hagemeyer, now 95 years young, used to joke that he and Look Sharp were in an endurance race to see who could outlast the other. The Hagemeyer family is sad to see Look Sharp pass, but are glad that Maynard is still with us.

I almost want to contact the farm and see if they have any records for Eddy floating around




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