Desensitizing. The tarp was scary.

Wow I am bad at blogging.

It’s not that I don’t care or don’t want to chart Eddy’s and my progress through the first year, it’s just that I don’t make the time or think to write when cool stuff happens, or just schedule a time to write. So-month late New Year’s resolution is to make time each week to just give anyone reading this a head’s up on life.

Now, on to updates.

Not much happening for us. We are just trying to get through our first winter together. Bless this horse for being so tolerant of me learning blanketing temps. I’ve got an app for it and everything but I just get nervous. CNY weather can change in minutes so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it will do outside. Eddy likes the snow and has a fluffy winter coat, plus plenty of hay and a full grain ration to boot. He did get a pink blanket, despite my initial protests (Didn’t want pink but the last one at the sale that fit him was a nice mulberry I’ve grown rather fond of). My friend pointed out that the colors match the bisexual pride flag so that does make it cooler.

Mugging for the camera

The ground has been too rough to really work and there’s no indoor, so no real riding has been done. I suspect Eddy doesn’t mind having the winter off. We did go sledding though! Made a makeshift harness out of twine. He does pull, so my dream of showing at Lorenzo one of these years may come true. Just need a harness. And a cart. And the outfit. And money.

A good sight

I’m still hoping to get in contact with Eddy’s breeders/old owners. I just want to know his past and get the registration papers in my name. So if anyone knows the guys who owned Putt For Money, please let me know. Long shot but I’m trying social media everything.

And if all goes well (And if I ever hear back), I may be starting a new job! Which will be all thanks to Eduardo over here as several folks interviewing me volunteer at Sunshine Horses. If I get the job he gets a hot mash and carrots for dinner.

Farrier comes Thursday. Dentist for his first float on the 18th (There will be pictures).

Cat update-Fluffy the elusive super feral actually hung out with me the other day. Just sat three feet away and enjoyed the company-no pets. But it’s a step. I’ll take it.

Fluffy in all her glory

So that’s it-super busy with work and getting grad school together. I’m hoping there will be more to share as soon as the weather warms up.


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