Some updates before I bitch about the weather.

Eddy got his teeth floated earlier this year and was excellent of course. I have to admit I was concerned; I hadn’t seen how he did for a dentist before. I know how he is for the vet (Excellent) so I shouldn’t have worried but just in case I wanted to be prepared.


When Hobbs went back in after his teeth were done Eddy came flying up to the gate nickering for him. I wish he would do that to me when I came by. Hell I wish my boyfriend was always that excited to see me.

And now to an endless supply of bitching about the weather.


Contrary to what our government is saying and what it wants everyone to believe, climate change is happening and I have proof. It was near 70 a couple weeks ago. And now I’m sitting in the middle of winter storm Stella. I was able to get out of work early (The snow was already starting to block the back door) and I went straight to the barn. Two hours later and I have ALL 7 STALLS done, water buckets filled and extra hay given out. And all horses inside (Bless them all for being complete saints about going in during the storm). And I did some digging to keep the doors as clear as I could, which won’t matter in the morning but hey, I tried. I have since shoveled my house out three times and am cold to my bones.

It’s fucking March. We should be warming up but no. Climate change.


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