Spring is fucking gross.

I just had a mud/shit tumble today. The entire farm is pretty much under 3 inches of water and mud. Manure is getting mixed into it. There’s nothing we can really do-the farm is positioned just so in the hillside that we get all the runoff. And it keeps raining to go along with the feet of snow that’s melting.

I’ve been draining Eddy’s stall all week long. It’s a muddy mess, but bless whoever came up with pellet bedding because I’m using it to soak up the lakes. And so far it’s working, as long as it doesn’t rain heavily through the weekend.

In other news I got the annual vet check form. While I don’t mind the idea of it I find vet checks to be extremely invasive. I know I care for my horse, and that he’s in great shape and good health. I understand how these forms have actually saved horses, but I also think they’re more trouble than they’re worth. As a former board member I remember how much hassle they were. People were dicks about it or they said they wanted to return the horse.

And in other other news Eddy is an ass. Somehow my fellow boarder’s hay got knocked near his stall and he decimated the bale as well as took out a bag of bedding.

I’ve also posted in a standardbred group to see if anyone knows anything about Eddy. Long shot but hey.

Sorry for rambling. I’m exhausted and have so much work left.


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