The other day I brought the mail in, and for once there was something for me!

Eddy’s vet check form.

Since this is my first year owning him I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Sure, I’d volunteered. Hell I even served on the board. But I had never actually READ the vet check letter and sheet.

And boy howdy was it a read.

They had all these listed vaccines that he is supposed to get (Beyond a 5 way), they wanted to know if he’s seen the dentist, when was the last time his feet were done, when was he wormed last, what’s his body condition, is he lame, and the list goes on. Plus they wanted an update message and photos.

It all felt so invasive to me. Eddy is MY horse. I paid for him. I continue to pay for him. I monitor his feed and hay intake, check to see that he is pooping and peeing normally, schedule the dentist, vet and farrier routinely, and keep tabs on everything he does. My name is on the contract, and all of his medical papers from here on out. I clean his stall. I train him. So why should I have to tell them everything? What does it really matter? It struck me as if they still own the horse, not me. Like these past nine months have just been an extended lease on their horse with my money being put in to him.

I’m not okay with that at all. I shouldn’t have to do a damn thing with them anymore involving Eddy.

I know why they send vet checks. There have certainly been adopters who don’t care about their horses the way I do about Eddy. This was how they found out something was wrong. It also puts them in contact with adopters who want to return the horse (Which is an entirely different problem).

So it’s not that I don’t see the value in a vet check, but that I don’t feel comfortable sending them what is essentially a diary on my horse. I wish it was more of a “Hey just checking in-did you give shots yet? And can we have a picture?” instead of this manifesto.

There’s also a variety of errors-in fact I should have sent the form back last July 1st, 21 days before I even brought him home. And they spelled my name wrong.

And I could just as easily fill this form out myself without having a vet come out. They didn’t think about that part.

Not their finest moment

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