Alright, end of June here we come. Lots of pony stuff happening

For starters, I threw my poor boyfriend on Eddy and gave him a lesson. He was…surprisingly good. Nice seat, working on the hands. Eddy was also great and very responsive despite having someone sitting on him who had no idea what they were doing.


I also gave Rachel’s little girl Amelie a pony ride. She’s 1.5 and had a great time-more neigh neigh anyone?


As for my riding-I think I either need a shot before I go or I just need someone coaching me. I get so nervous and tighten up that it makes it unpleasant. Which is completely fucking stupid because my horse is dead to the world and I can literally put babies on him and know he will do his job.

On the plus side, we’ve been spending time doing free lunging and learning vocal commands. He’s been getting really good. One major issue we had at the beginning of last summer (When he came home) was learning to slow down when asked. It’s still not perfect but he’s transitioning between a faster and slower gait better. Canter to trot is much easier than trot to walk (And don’t even get me started on trying canter to walk. He’s not there yet), but it’s much smoother and his response time is faster.

Hannah leaves tomorrow for her year long stint in Vermont at the UV Morgan horse farm. Brittany will ride Hobbs while she’s gone, so hopefully we can go out and do some work.

That’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll have more soon. Maybe.


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