Well 1 year and a few days. But that’s how I blog y’all.

And boy howdy what a year it’s been. We have a talking orange in the white house (Shouldn’t say that because I have respect for SU’s Otto the Orange and calling Trump a talking orange is degrading to Otto). I’ve changed jobs. Moved in with Sam long term. Lots of stuff.

The job has been a mixed blessing. I have insurance and am paid better but management is hairy. I love what I do but I constantly doubt my capabilities around my supervisor. I’ve made some great friends there but two are leaving. My old job seems to have gone to hell in a hand basket since I left-one of my coworkers there got a new job in Baltimore, broke up with his long term girlfriend and is going to be an uncle. One (The crazy super conservative racist homophobic transphobic bigoted climate denier fundamentalist creationist idiot) has a second daughter. One bought a house. One has a husband whose band is taking off. One is leaving to start law school. It’s a lot of change for a place I spent four years of my life at. I miss these guys, and to some extent the work I was doing.

Several friends have moved. Some have gotten married. More are slated for marriage. A few have had kids even.

As for the family-Jimmy died in September at 16. He had gone into heart failure. It was pretty terrible, especially for my sister and mom. I’m still looking to do a tattoo of his paw print. Brandon came along in October and is nearly Jimmy’s twin. He’s 8 and stupid (But cute). Dante is still around. Everyone is pretty much in the same place as this time last year.


And Sam and I? Still good. Moved in together, even discussed making a joint bank account and phone plan. Is that too much commitment? I may have brought up further commitment plans but Sam has his own ideas for that.


I’ve started trying to do a few things again for the horse rescue. Got an email back in the spring about doing PR/social media again and said no because I’m starting grad school. But I’ve got access again to some of their social media. I’m taking some pictures too. Nothing special and it’s just enough to keep me happy.

As for Eddy, I couldn’t ask for a better horse. He’s cheerful, calm, easy to work with and has just enough spunk to make a fun ride without making me feel unsafe. He’s easy to keep and rarely gives me heart attacks. He loves Hobbs (Too much sometimes). And in all honesty I believe he’s come to love me. Eddy will never be the horse that nickers when I come to the fence, and he’s not exactly showy about anything, but he has his moments. Some small things, like coming up every once in a while to say hello, herd be damned; or nuzzling me when I’m scratching his shoulders. But that’s okay. I figure I’ve got another ten or more years to see if I can get the both of us to be cute.

But for now, cheers to surviving my first year of horse ownership.



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