First Ride for the Year

Alright I'm a few weeks behind. Again. But Eddy got to get back into work at the end of April! Haven't gotten to do much since because of rain (Thanks climate change) but we are working. Doing some ground work for now. I'd write more but I'm exhausted. Here's some pictures.

Vet Checks

The other day I brought the mail in, and for once there was something for me! Eddy's vet check form. Since this is my first year owning him I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. Sure, I'd volunteered. Hell I even served on the board. But I had never actually READ the vet check letter … Continue reading Vet Checks

Eddy’s Half Brother

Lives at the rescue I got him from. His name is Hucklebuck. I'm seeing a family resemblance going on-brown/bay and no white markings. And Hucklebuck has a full brother named Look Sharp Jack. That's all I got. Sorry, it's been wicked busy around here.

Spring has Sprung

Spring is fucking gross. I just had a mud/shit tumble today. The entire farm is pretty much under 3 inches of water and mud. Manure is getting mixed into it. There's nothing we can really do-the farm is positioned just so in the hillside that we get all the runoff. And it keeps raining to … Continue reading Spring has Sprung

New Job!

For me not Eddy. I just accepted a position at the MOST-a science museum here in Syracuse. I'll be teaching young'uns science edumacation. It will be sad to leave the bookstore after 4 and a half long years together, but it's for the best. Benefits, bigger paycheck (To buy Eddy nice things) and working in … Continue reading New Job!