Yes I do realize I’ve started blogging a little late. I’m three months in to owning my own horse. Honestly it was a matter of finding free time between life and horse to start writing, but I think I’ve figured something out that’s working…three months in.

So let’s go back a bit. I was volunteering at a horse rescue when Eddy came in. He was called Putt For Money back in his nearly nonexistent racing days. Whatever happened between his last day on the track and the end of October 2015 I still have yet to figure out, but somehow he wound up in an auction as a fat, healthy horse, and purchased by a kill buyer. Some folks were able to pay to have him sent to Sunshine. And then we met.

I won’t say it was kismet, but there was a nice old lady visiting who saw me leading him and stopped to chat. He stuck his nose in my ear and just breathed me in, as if he were saying, “FRIEND. YOU IS FRIEND.” Or maybe just checking for treats. Anyway, nice old lady smiled and said, “He really likes you.” And I was smitten.

So almost a year later he came home. This is our story now, and I’m happy to share it.